Types Of Productivity Software

There are many kinds of productivity software out there. If you’ve been limiting your exposure to MS Word and Excel, you could be missing out on a lot. Here are the different types of this particular category of business and personal efficiency tools. Always remember: many of these can be purchased with accompanying college software discounts.

Word processors. From Wordstar to MS Word, software that allows you to compose written documents have been a constant staple in productivity suites since the early days of home computing.

Spreadsheet software. Just like word processors, electronic spreadsheets have become indispensable to most professional and home users, allowing you to create, maintain and put together data-driven list and charts.

Presentation software. Gone are the days when people would bring piles of cardboards with graphs and charts into presentations. With the availability of high-quality presentation software and the ever-lowering costs of digital projectors, sitting down for an old-school style presentation is getting rarer and rarer.

Database management software. Used for keeping track of information, database management software titles can be very specific (e.g. those focused on your DVD collection, for instance) or very flexible (i.e. you can program it to handle different types of information).

File management software. These tools help organize your collection of files. These include media organizers, ebook databases and more.

Organization applications. Do you use to-do lists, task planners or daily calendars of some sort? You can manage all those on your computer using organization software.

Brainstorming software. Whether you prefer mind maps, charts or some other form of brainstorming tools, these are designed to help you sort out your ideas.